Teacher Fae
Faith S. Cunanan
Teacher Years : 5
Birth day : 1989/11/19
Gender: Female
간호학 학사
Teacher Stacy
Eastacy M. Reyes
Teacher Years : 6
Birth day : 19860705
Gender: Female
Associate in Business Administration
Hello I am teacher Stacy, I'm 33 years old, Come and join my class, it will be a lot of fun and learnings, I make my student feel comfortable in my class, I let them speak freely through sharing their ideas, in that way, they could be more comfortable in expressing themselves.and as s teacher role, I will guide them on how to be effective speaker and a listener in English communication. I handle different levels and ages ,because I've been teahing to koreans for more than 5 years, so come , have fun and learn, hope to see you soon!
Teacher Ghen
Angenine P. Abana
Teacher Years : 6
Birth day : 19940717
Gender: Female
컴퓨터공학 학사
Hello Everyone! I am teacher Ghen. I have been teaching English for almost five years now. I chose this path because I love teaching and I love to see my students learn. During those years of teaching, I had encountered different students with diffferent levels and personalities, and I can say that each one of them is remarkable. I saw them improved and be successful speaking the aim language. As a teacher, I make sure that my students are learning and having fun in my class at the same time. So, to other students out there, learning English is fun and enjoyable more than you know. Don't you like talking to native speakers using the English language? Then, learn English! Let's learn while having fun and most importantly Speak English without fear.
Teacher Sab
Izza Valerine P. Dizon
Teacher Years : 5
Birth day : 19920703
Gender: Female
Hello! I'm TEACHER SAB, 26 years old and I have been teaching English for 4 years. I like teaching because it gives me the ability to share the skills and knowledge that I have. If you are having difficulties with the language, Don't worry! I'll be more than happy to help you. We will be practicing the language in a very easy, convenient and fun way. See you!
Teacher Cassy
Kizzmith C. Acosta
Teacher Years : 4
Birth day : 19900907
Gender: Female
간호학 학사
Hello! My name is Kizzmith, but you can call me Teacher Cassy. I'm a registered nurse in our country but found my passion in teaching English. I've been teaching for about 4 years now, both young and old. I enjoy talking with my students. I'm willing to impart my knowledge in English with those who are having difficulties with the language. I can help you with grammar, pronunciations, vocabularies and a lot more. I hope I can make learning English fun and worth your while for you.
Teacher Lhexie
Alexandra T. Licup
Teacher Years : 4
Birth day : 19960428
Gender: Female
건축학 학사
Hello! My name is Teacher Lhexie I have been teaching English to Koreans for more than a year now. As a person who is much interested in studying Literature and who posses public speaking skills, I want to impart my knowledge and be of great healp for those who wants to learn English with the proper grammar, pronunciation and intonation. I hope to see you in my class.
Teacher Chelly
Michelle Ann G. Guina
Teacher Years : 4
Birth day : 19940701
Gender: Female
신문방송학 학사
Hi, I'm Chelly! I'm a graduate of Development Communication. I like drawing, writing novels, reading books and teaching. I'm here to help you learn English in a fun and interactive way. So, see you and have a good day!
Teacher Ailleen
Aileen C. Santiago
Teacher Years : 3
Birth day : 19961105
Gender: Female
호텔경영학 학사
Hi, there students! I'm Teacher Ailleen. I like dancing, cooking, and listening to music but teaching is my passion. I love teaching students who want to learn especially the English language. So, would you like to improve your English skills? Come! I'll be glad to teach you in easy and fun ways. See you in my class!
Teacher Stefie
Stefi-Anne C. De Guzman
Teacher Years : 3
Birth day : 19891105
Gender: Female
컴퓨터 공학 학사
Hello there lovely students, I'm Teacher Stefie If you are having a hard time with your English skills, don't worry, I will help you and teach you in a nice, interesting and friendly way. There's always a room for improvement. I'm hoping for you to become a part of my class. See you!
Teacher Hannah_
Dhoriza Ann T. Dizon
Teacher Years : 4
Birth day : 19941109
Gender: Female
Nutrition and Food Technology
Hi, everyone! My name is Teacher Hannah. I've been teaching English for 3 years now. I like teaching because I find it enjoyable and interesting. Do you want to have fun while learning? Come join in my class! Bye!
Teacher Anj_
Angelica M. Tolosa
Teacher Years : 2
Birth day : 19960921
Gender: Female
영어교육학 학사
Hello! I'm Teacher Anj. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English. I will be very glad to help you in improving your English skills. So, what are you waiting for? Come and let's learn the language! I will make sure that it will be very fun and easy. See you! :)
Teacher Gemma_
Gemmalyn T. Sanchez
Teacher Years : 2
Birth day : 19871115
Gender: Female
BSNursing,Caregiving NCII
Hello! I'm teacher Gemma. Don't hesitant to learn English. Studying English is fun, easy and exciting. So, be confident and don't be afraid to face the world. Come out of your shell, believe in yourself, and let's study English together. See you!
Teacher Cindy_
Cindy B. Suyat
Teacher Years : 3
Birth day : 19821029
Gender: Female
Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education
Hello everyone! I am Teacher Cindy. I've been teaching English for two years now. My hobbies are listening to music, singing, dancing, and chatting with my friends. For me, being a good teacher is being patient all the time and of course giving the best you can. If you want to have fun learning English, come join my class! I hope to see you soon. Good Bye!
Teacher Jayvie
Jayvie V. Montalvo
Teacher Years : 2
Birth day : 19980710
Gender: Male
Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English
Hello everyone! I am teacher Jayvie. I'm 20 years old and I have a degree in Secondary Education, major in English. One of my hobbies is listening to music, because I feel like it helps me connect with the world, so as English which is our universal language. One of my previous teachers inspired me to learn and teach English, so I want to inspire you too. See you in my class!
Teacher Mika_
Mikaela Anne A. Laxa
Teacher Years : 2
Birth day : 19951010
Gender: Female
Bachelor of Elementary Education major in General Education
Hello everyone! My name is Mikaela but you can call me Mika. I like reading books, watching movies and listening to music. Let us make learning English an adventure and explore it in a fun way. I hope to see you soon! Bye!
Teacher Rubi_
Airene B. Rubi
Teacher Years : 2
Birth day : 19990329
Gender: Female
Bachelor in Secondary Education major in English
Hello everyone! My name is teacher Rubi. I like reading the works of Colleen Hoover and watching TV series in Netflix. I am very patient and teaching has always been my passion. It will be great to help you learn the English langage. Whe I say learn, it is not just about perfecting your grammar and your accent but also bridging gaps and breaking barriers. I hope to meet you in my class! Let's learn and have fun together. See you!
Teacher Del_
Idelyn T. Bersaluna
Teacher Years : 4
Birth day : 19940302
Gender: Female
AB Mass Communication
Hello there students! I'm Del and I am 25 years old. I have been teaching English online for more than three years now. I love to me et a lot people from all around the world by teaching our universal language, which is English. Do you want to improve your English skills? Let's study while having fun and be the best version of yourself! It's not too late to learn. I hope to see you in my classes in the future! BYE~
Teacher Bella_
Nympha C. Panaguiton
Teacher Years : 2
Birth day : 19961008
Gender: Female
BS Education major in English
Hello there! My name is Teacher Bella! I love to watch movies and tv shows, read books and I sometimes draw. I took Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English, with that said, It is my passion to teach students like you! Let's learn English in an easy and fun way! See you!
Teacher Ash_
Ashlyn R. Patawaran
Teacher Years : 3
Birth day : 19970529
Gender: Female
BS Psychology
Hello. My name is Ash. I like teaching English because I am able to help English learners to achieve their goals and it is a good way to improve my skills as well. This job is a fulfilling one because it makes me happy and proud whenever I see my students' progress. It is also interesting to learn other cultures and make friends with various people. As a teacher, I will try my best to help my students grow. What are you waiting for? Come and join me in my class now! See you!
Teacher April_
April Lou Tesoro
Teacher Years : 4
Birth day : 19870419
Gender: Female
Hello there! My name is teacher Hail and welcome to my English class! In this class you can easily and comfortably learn the English language with me as your English Instructor. So, I encourage you to study English with me because it is one of the most important language to learn since it is now mandatory for the students in their school/University. So, it's a big help for you if you are a student. Plus, in this generation where people nowadays loves to make friends and communicate with the other nationalities especially with the people who loves to explore different foreign countries too and also to those who has a job that needed to travel in other countries as well. In this case, you can easily communicate with the foreign people if you visit or travel around the world. Take note, this class is not just for the student, employee and "travelholic" but also to everyone who are interested and willing to learn the English language. I asure you that you will enjoy learning English with me because I will not give you hard time during the class. I make sure for you to have a smooth and fun class while learning. Remember, "ENGLISH IS FUN AND IT'S MORE FUN WITH TEACHER HAIL!
Teacher Pau_
Paula Mae T. Abelilla
Teacher Years : 1
Birth day : 19980126
Gender: Female
Welcome Students! My name is Pau and I am going to be your Online English Teacher. There's a lot to learn and I look forward studying with you in my class. Get ready for a journey in a lifetime. In this class you will learn how to read and speak English language fluently. We can work on your grammar too. So, I encourage you to participate, listen, and have fun in my class. What are you waiting for? Enroll now! See you!
Teacher Riona
Riona Jean F. Regis
Teacher Years : 1
Birth day : 19960626
Gender: Female
Bachelor of Arts in Communication
Good day! I hope that anyone who reads this right now is doing fine. I am Riona, an English teacher who is willing to give a hand to my future students. Let us learn together and let me help you to be a good English speaker, may it be for the enrichment of your vocabulary, learning the language deeper or for your future endeavors in life. Learning is best when you have somene who can patiently understands you and care for the things you care too and that is the reason why I am here, very much willing and has a heart in teaching for those who wants to feed their minds with knowledge which is one of the riches of the world that we can have and will never be taken away. So I am inviting you to learn with me and be rich with wisdom that may not be bought but for sure with time and dedication can be achieved.
Teacher Rowena
Rowena Isabelle D. Magat
Teacher Years : 1
Birth day : 19971223
Gender: Female
Hello students! I am teacher Rowena, 22 years old. I love English because it's fun to talk to others using the English language. I also love sharing my knowledge to becacuse it's very rewarding to see them learn form me. I would like to help english learners like you to achieve their goals. What are you waiting for? Come and join me in my class. I'd be glad to help you improve your English speaking skill in an easy and fun way. See you!
Teacher Tha
Samantha M. Rojo
Teacher Years : 1
Birth day : 19940515
Gender: Female
BSED English
Hello! I am Teacher Tha. I am so excited in teaching you and I want to be part of your studies. Come and join me as we learn English together.
Teacher Jedh
Daisy Jedh M. Agraviador
Teacher Years : 2
Birth day : 19930411
Gender: Female
BS Business Management
Hi! Learning English can be easy and fun when you're with the right people. I love making the class enjoyable and productive. I believe that practice is the key to all pursuit, especially with communication. Let's enjoy learning English together!